Urology - Prostate

In this page, you will find details about benign prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis and prostate cancer. 


Prostate cancer is still an enigmatic disease today: there is still no general consensus on a single ideal treatment. A radical prostatectomy and external radiotherapy are traditionally considered the gold standard. Unfortunately, both these procedures have a high failure and complication rate: in fact, not all patients could have need of such aggressive treatment.  For some people, indeed, these options could represent excessive treatment that exposes them to potential complications needlessly. Less invasive approaches such as cryotherapy and brachytherapy are the most valuable for many situations. Even over a short period they show a high success rate. In fact, the majority of patients maintain a living standard that is comparable to the past. The cost of treatment too has dropped remarkably. 

It must be absolutely clear that the foremost factor in choosing a suitable treatment must be the early stage of the tumour, precisely. We would like to stress that cryotherapy and brachytherapy are procedures that depend greatly in the operator’s ability. Centres for treating prostate cancer should be able to offer all kinds of treatment. The use of up to date equipment is essential. It is prudent for each patient to investigate the various therapeutic options in depth. Since prostate cancer is a disease with slow growth, the patient has all the time needed to educate himself and to investigate the various therapeutic options.