Medical Practice of  Franco Lugnani M.D.

The Dr. Lugnani uses to receive his patients, for the practice of urological medicine, in the medical practice of Trieste (Italy) Via Fabio Severo 3 (see our Contacts).


Other facilities

The following facilities are clinics and hospitals to which Dr. Lugnani leans routinely. The license to practice medicine in Spain, Italy and Slovenia, it is essential to provide the best medical service is based on the patient's needs and its clinical picture is based on the best-equipped facilities and a staff with adequate experience the clinical case presented.



International Center for Cryosurgery and Cryomedicine

The International Centre for Cryomedicine and Cryosurgery is a center that brings together a multidisciplinary team focused on treating cancer with cryosurgery.



Clinica Santa Elena, Malaga, Spain



 RECEPCIÓN +34 952 075 450

URGENCIAS +34 952 386 266


  • A 5 minutos del aeropuerto
  •  Clínica Santa Elena, S.A.
  • Calle Sardinero, s/n
  • Urbanización Los Álamos
    29620 Torremolinos Málaga
Kirurski Sanatorij Rožna Dolina, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Surgical Sanatorium Rožna Dolina, (in Italian Val di Rose) is a hospital in a quiet suburb of the Slovenian capital.


Kirurški sanatorij Rožna dolina d.o.o.

Rožna dolina cesta IV/45, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 477 94 00 


 Advanced Therapies, Transplant Center, Prostate Fusion biopsy, Minimally Invasive Prostate Surgery.

VID d.o.o.
ul. Vinka Vodopivca 21
Kromberk, Nova Gorica
Tel: +386 5 330 26 50
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