Curriculum Vitae

Franco Lugnani MD, Specialist in Urology and Cryosurgery

Lugnani F. MD.Curriculum Vitae

Franco Lugnani MD
Born in Trieste, Italy, in October 28th 1954


Medical Practice: Studio Medico Franco Lugnani MD,
Street: Via fabio Severo 3, 34133 Trieste (TS) - Italy

Clinic: Casa di Cura SALUS Trieste
Street: Via Bonaparte 4, 34123 Trieste (TS) - Italy
Telephone: +39 040 3171111

Clinic: Kirurški sanatorij Rožna dolina
Street: Rožna Dolina, cesta IV 45, 1000 Ljubljana - Slovenia
Telephone: +386 (0)1 477 94 00


Mobile SLO: +386 (0) 41 767 300
Mobile ITA: +39 347 3433204
Skype: kryoskypeout


  • Highschool Degree: Liceo Classico F. Petrarca (1973)
  • Degree of Medicine and Surgery at University of Trieste (09- 11-1979)
  • Bord of PH D in Medicine and Surgery II (session 1979)
  • Specialized in Urology at Università di Trieste (04 March 1985)
  • Grant CNR till (1979/1982)
  • Assistant Casa di cura Salus Dept. General Sugery from (1983 up to 1990)
  • Consultant for VA and Social Security on behalf of USA Consulate of Trieste from (1983 up to 1990)

Activities as Urologist and Cryosurgeon:

  • Assistant Casa di cura Salus Dept. General Sugery from (1983 up to 1990)
  • Consultant for VA and Social Security on behalf of USA Consulate of Trieste from (1983 up to 1990)
  • European and international proctor for Endocare Inc., California, USA;
  • Board Member of Cold (Cryo On Line Database) Registry;
  • Consulting professor Uroclinic 2000, Mexico City, DF, Mexico;
  • Consulting specialist for cryosurgery to ICUA (Inst. de Chirurgia Avancada) Madrid;
  • Consulting specialist for cryosurgery to Clinica Santa Elena, Malaga, Spain;
  • Honorary consultant Proctor for Cryosurgery of King's Hospital, London, UK;
  • Visiting Professor , Forth Hospital of Harbin Medical University - Heilongjiang, China
  • Since 1990, Hosp. Casa di Cura Salus di Trieste, Italy;
  • Since 1990, Hosp. Casa di Cura Sanatorio Triestino, Trieste, Italy;
  • Since 1990, Hosp. FatebeneFratelli Osp. San Pietro Roma, Italy;
  • Since 1998, Consultant Professor of Superior Institute of Radilology of Saint Petersburg, Russia;
  • Since 2000, Hosp. Casa di Cura Policlinico di Monza, Italy;
  • 2001, May 21st – Guest Professor and Consultant at the Central Institute of Radiologic Research in Roengen, Russia;
  • 2003, November 8th-11th – Invited Entity for “Tecnica Chirurgica e Crioablazione nei fallimenti dopo radioterapia” at the XIII° Congresso Nazionale S.I.Ur.O, Ancona, Italy;
  • 2004, March 1st – Visiting Professor for “Cryosurgery for the Prostatic Carcinoma” at the Hospital Universitario del SESCAM de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico;
  • 2004, May 27th-28th – Guest Professor for “Crioablazione transperineale del carcinoma prostático localizzato” for the Società Urologia Nuova, Ancona, Italy;
  • 2004, June 23rd-26th – Invited Faculty, “I° Congreso de Urologìa oncològica e Intersociedades y XII° Congreso de Amell” at the Hospital General Regional y Poliforum de Leòn, Leòn de los Aldama, Guanajuato, Mexico;
  • 2004, December 18th – Visiting Professor at the Quiròn Donostia Clinic, San Sebastian, Spain;
  • 2005 - Honorary Consultant Proctor for Cryosurgery the BARTS Hospital, London, UK;
  • 2005, May 5th-7th – Invited Faculty and visiting professor at the “Congreso de la Sociedad Urologica Madrilena”, Madrid, Spain;
  • 2005, May 30th-31st – Guest Professor at the Clinica Urologica dell’Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona, Italy;
  • 2005, November 14th – Visiting Professor at the Hospital General de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico;
  • 2006 - Honorary Consulting Professor Har Er Bin General Hospital, Har Er Bin, China;
  • 2006, April - Honorary Professor, Nankai Hospital, Tianjin, China;
  • 2006, April 19th – Guest Professor for “High Technology Cryosurgery: An Overview” at the Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan;
  • 2006, April 21st - Honorary Consulting professor TianJin Cancer Institute, Tian Jin, China;
  • 2006, April 22nd - Guest Professor Hai Ding University, Beijing, China;
  • 2006, April 22nd - Visiting Professor, Beijing Haidian Hospital, Beijing, China;
  • 2006, April 24th - Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Hospital Certificate of Visitation for Cryosurgery Technical Exchange;
  • 2006, July 7th-8th – Guest Professor at Civitanova Marche, Italy;
  • 2006, July 17th – Guest Professor for “Crioablaciòn, una opciòn para le tratamientode cancer de polmòn” at the Hospital Santa Engracia, Nuevo Leòn, Mexico;
  • 2006, September 28th-30th – Inviteded Faculty at the “Congreso de la Socieda Latinoamericana de Cirugia Laparoscopica En Urologia”, Ciudad del Mexico, Mexico;
  • 2006 - Consulting specialist for cryosurgery, Centro de Urologia y sexologia, Clinica Rotger, Palma de Mallorca, Spain;
  • 2007, January 19th-20th – Guest Professor for a course of “Alternativas Mini-Invasivas para o tratamento do Cancro da Prostata” at the Hospital del Ministerio da Defesa Nazional Força Aèrea, Lisbon, Portugal;
  • From 2007, June 25th to 2008 June 24th - Visiting Professor Imagine Research Institute, Medical College, Province of Shandong JiNang, China;
  • 2008, March 5th – Invited Faculty for “La Criocirugìa Como Tratamiento al Càncer Localizado” at the Consejo Nacional Mexicano de Urologia, Hospital Angeles Lomas, Mexico;
  • 2008, March 13th – Guest Professor for “Minimal Invasive Surgery to Improve Quality of Life for Advance Cancer” and Consulting Scientific Coordinator at Multidisciplinary Curative Oncological Cryo Center Mitra Keluarga Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia;
  • 2008, March 17th – Visiting Professor for “Advances in Cryoablation of Urological Tumor Applications, Techniques and Clinical Experiences” at the Department of Urology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan;
  • 2008, March 19th – Visiting Professor for “Advances in Cryoablation of Tumors, Clinical Experiences and Techniques in Urology, Liver, Lung and Breast” at the Department of Surgery, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan;
  • 2008, June 24th - Guest Professor at the Imagine Research Institute, Medical College, Province of Shandong Ji Nang, China;
  • 2008, July 27th - Guest Professor, Qianfoshan Hospital, Shandong Province, Quianfoshan, China;
  • 2008, August 30thand 31st - Special Invited Speaker for “High Technology Cryosurgery - Cryosurgery of Prostate & Kidney” at the Taiwan Urological Association’s 30th Annual Meeting, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan;
  • 2008, September 21st - Honorary Professor, Shijiazhuang No.1 Hospital Shi Jia Zhuang, The People’s Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, China;
  • From September 2008 to August 2013 – Visiting professor of Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center No.2, Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital, China;
  • 2008 - Visiting Professor US Medical School Beograd, Serbia;
  • 2009 - Hospitals Group, Jakarta and other, Indonesia;
  • 2010, April 13th – Guest Professor at the Us Medical School, Privatni Medicinski Fakultet, Belgrade, Serbia;
  • 2010 - Image Guided Ablation Workshop Professor & Speaker for “Role of Image Guided Percutaneous Cryoablation of Tumors” at The Radiological Society Republic of China;
  • 2010 - First Editorial Board Member of Journal of Contemporary Urologic and Reproductive Oncology;
  • 2011 - Honorary Consultant to Regina Elena Hospital Centro Tumori Roma, Italy;
  • 2011 December 12th – Visiting Professor at the Serviço de Urologia do Instituto Portugues de Oncologia de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal;
  • 2012 - Scientific consultant of Indonesia Cryosurgery Study Group ICSG;
  • 2012 February 16th - Visiting Professor at the Serviço de Urologia do Instituto Portugues de Oncologia de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal;
  • 2012 April 14th – Guest Professor at the Gleneagles Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  • 2012 June 2nd – Guest Professor for “Recent Updated Cryosurgery in Cancer: New Insights” at the MRCCC Siloam Hospitals Semanggi; Kualalumpur Malaysia;
  • 2012 November 23rd – Guest professor for a Proctoring Session programmed for Department of Biomedical Imaging, University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
  • 2012 November 23rd-25th – Invited Faculty in the 21st Malaysan Urological Conference, Malaysia;
  • 2012 December 18th-19th – Visiting Professor at the Hotel-Dieu de France, Beirut, Lebanon;
  • 2013 - Consultant Urologist Kirurskji Sanatorji Ljubljiana, Slovenia;
  • 2013 February 7th – Guest Professor at the ULS Guarda, Guarda, Portugal;
  • 2013, July 26th – Guest Professor and Cryosurgeon of Beijing Zhong Ke Zheng He Hospital, China;
  • 2013, July 27th – Guest Professor at the Civil Aviation Medical College of Beijing University, Beijing, China;
  • From 2013, July 29th to 2016, July 30th – Visiting Professor for Minimally Invasive Treatment in Oncology at the 307th Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Beijing, China;
  • 2013, July 31st – Honorable President of the Chinese Society of Cryosurgery;
  • 2013, October 17th-19th – Speaker at the 17th World Congress of Cryosurgery, Madrid, Spain;
  • 2013, November 14th-15th – As an Invited Faculty at the “International Scientific Conference of Alexandria Thoracic Association”, Alexandria, Egypt;
  • Since 2014 – Visiting Professor of the Hubei Province Institute of Urology, China;
  • 2014, November 21st-23rd – Invited Faculty at the 23rd Malaysian Urological Conference, Penang, Malaysia;
  • 2015, August 10th-13th – Guest Professor for “Workshop on Orthopedic and Oncology Therapy 2015” and “Workshop on Cryoablation Therapy” at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of the National Cancer Instituite, Putrajaya, Malaysia;
  • 2015, September 19th – Guest Professor at the Department of Urology, Cancer Center, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China;
  • 2015. September 22nd - Honorary Professor, Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Changsha, China;


  • Member and President of ICS (International Society of Cryosurgery) 2005/2007, 2007/2009, 2009/2011;
  • Charged for Europe Section on behalf of ICS from 2001;
  • Former Teacher on behalf of SIDEURO (Società Internazionale Docente di Endourologia e Oncologia urologica) for Cryosurgery and Ultrasonography;
  • Member SIU (Società Italiana di Urologia);
  • Member EAU (European Association of Urology);
  • Founder and promotor of;
  • Member of UK GMC (General Medical Council);
  • Corresponding Member of Associação Portuguesa de Urologia;
  • Member of Zdravniška zbornica Slovenije;
  • Collejado Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de la Provincia de Málaga.di Trieste, Italy;