In tre quarti dei casi (75% circa) il carcinoma mammario si associa all’espressione di recettori estro- (E+) o progestinici (PR+) e ciò è alla base dell’iniziale efficacia della terapia ormonale, che viene somministrata con vari farmaci.

William G. Kaelin, MD, of Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, Gregg L. Semenza, MD, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, FMedSci, of Oxford University in the United Kingdom have been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.


These mechanisms of cell adaptation to the presence or lack of Oxygen may also have important implications in the tumour field. For example, alterations in the vascularity of a solid tumor could damage part of the cells to the point of death, but also stimulate the survivors to grow adapting to the new deficiency condition. As always happens, there are systems of counterweights and counter-reactions constantly in action in the living, new balances are formed. Finding ways to intervene with drugs and substances to achieve a therapeutic aim remains a challenge.

This article sends a very important message: after diagnosis, patients can start hormone therapy and take as long as they want (at least six months) before deciding what other therapy to do. Perhaps even some other therapy of a different type, without rushing, and therefore meditating on an informed and conscious choice

Cryoablation may be associated with longer overall survival than heat-based thermal ablation in clinical T1a renal cell carcinoma (RCC), concludes a recent study published in the Journal of Vascular Interventional Radiology. To date, this is the largest study comparing overall survival between two ablative therapies in these patients.

Un team di ricercatori inglesi ha compiuto una revisione sistematica della letteratura degli ultimi 15 anni sull’impiego di pre e/o probiotici nel trattamento di ansia e depressione. Sono stati identificati  7 studi, tutti hanno dimostrato un miglioramenti significativo di uno o più sintomi a confronto con placebo o nessun trattamento.

Tra i malati di cancro, l'incidenza di problemi cardiovascolari è maggiore rispetto a quella nella popolazione non colpita da patologie tumorali: i motivi possono essere molteplici (probabilmente un ruolo non di secondaria rilevanza lo rivestono gli effetti collaterali di chemio e radioterapia), ma sicuramente il monitoraggio ed un occhio specificamente più attento possono aumentare l'indice di sopravvivenza.

Questo articolo spinge a valutare con attenzione il rapporto rischio/benefici di qualsiasi terapia, ivi compresa la chemioterapia: anche per questo motivo diventa essenziale la ricerca di terapie avanzate innovative, e quella immunologica va in questa direzione. 

In our centers in the Santa Elena Clinic in Malaga and Hippocrates DOO Nova Gorica and for the patients who come to Trieste in Via Fabio Severo 3, these criteria have been implemented for years. In fact, the simple prostatic examination combined with PSA transrectal ultrasound and biparametric MRI have been in use for many years. We have established a wonderful collaboration with prestigious international university and research centers that guarantee us the highest possible accuracy through the use of up-to-date 3 Tesla nuclear magnetic resonance technologies of the latest generation

King Hamad Univerity Hospital Lecture 

Prostate cancer in TZ in a large prostate: cryosurgery with bilateral preservation of nerves for total preservation of erections. Continence preserved. A couple of needles are inseryed also in the other side adenoma to improve urinary flow.

This interesting case offer the opportunity to treat with target ablation two problems: urinary disuria caused by Prostate enlargement and cancer in a single step while preserving potency and continence. Great work with Santa Elena team in Malaga Spain

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