SUR Journal is 22.09.2011

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In Malaga a unique situation: there is a multidisciplinary team applied cryosurgery

Lugnani Franco was the first person applying the cryosurgery in Europe, consistent freezing up destroying cancer cells using a noble gas such as argon technique. Expansion within the temperature probe reduces the affected area below 180 degrees Celsius, burning with the affected tissue that temperature and eliminating the cancerous cells.

Lugnani is president of the International Society of Cryosurgery and team consultant Malaga Surgery Clinic Santa Elena de Torremolinos, which has signed an agreement with a major American centers of study and research of this technique, a fact that makes the province in spearheading the development in Europe of a new cancer therapy consisting in the use of dendritic cells to increase the body's defenses patient.

Why Malaga?

'In Malaga there is a particular situation; almost unique: There is a multidisciplinary group of doctors working using cryosurgery. Not only we operate with cryosurgery, but everyone to use. This means that when a patient has a problem that can be cured using the kid, we discuss the case together and each brings to see how to apply it.

Why do you think happened?

Because doctors have found that those who like to work together; which, as you know, is not easy. We've found doctors with an open mind, they do many things and are also willing to work together. Everyone looks to the patient, the patient is in the center. Together we decided if we kid's surgery; more chemo kid; chemo plus radiation therapy ... it is a joint effort by the patient him well.

What results sheds cryosurgery?

-In The prostate is the technique chosen when radiation therapy fails. The kid is sweeter and the results are similar or even better than traditional therapy. It also applies in primary prostate cancer. There are sick people who do not like traditional therapy. The kid is also used as a therapy for kidney cancer and in special cases of lung cancer. There are situations that can not be operated because the patient is ill and is not able to support the operation. Then you can use the kid. Also in liver cancer. There are situations where the cremoterapia is difficult to apply because it is close to the vessels, to the diaphragm. The kid is great also applied to bone metastases, which produces a strong pain.

-Presenting The child as a 'clean' technology, minimally invasive and with minimal side effects. With these credentials you might think that this technique is better than others.

I do not like saying this.

But it seems better.

-A Many patients they like best. For example, radiation therapy to the prostate cancer can take six weeks of sessions, more side effects. The kid has a day of income, so many prefer.

-┬┐Se Then a matter of money?

It's hard to talk about this matter, but it is more a matter of customs, habits. For example, if a physician is armed only applies chemotherapy for chemotherapy. If you only radiotherapy, radiotherapy and applies only if you only kid, one kid does, and that's not good. It is good to have one answer for all patients. I think it is better that each patient has available many answers.

And the fact that there is this multidisciplinary team in Malaga, does it favor the application of the kid?

It favors. That does not always mean that we use, because it would be a mistake, silly. But if we use more times. We bring a gun again, it's like having an arrow again, and that's always better.

And now, in accordance with the Haakon Ragde Foundation, the next step is ...

Increase the immune response by dendritic cells. This is to kill cancer cells and then increase the defenses to these other cells. The agreement seeks to Malaga a center, a kid's computer use dendritic cells. The choice of Malaga by the foundation is a very important fact. We can discuss with people of a high scientific level and prestigious. With the agreement give two steps (no one) in the investigation of the most innovative therapies.

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