President of the International Association of Criosurgery professor dott. Franco lugnani visiting hospital.

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Recently, the President of the International Association of frozen Franco lugnani professor visited the hospital on cryoablation technology in the field of Urologic Oncology Branch and I conducted in-depth exchanges.

Franco lugnani Professor of Urology and is Europe's leading expert cryotherapy, since 1993, pioneered the modern cryotherapy year in Europe, is one of the pioneers of modern cryotherapy. The exchange activities, Franco lugnani first by professor lectures on the latest international developments in cryosurgery for prostate cancer and kidney cancer field, as well as personal experience and understanding. At the same time the scene of the prostate cryoablation surgery demonstration, Franco lugnani professor shows us his superb artistry freezing, especially for the protection of the surrounding tissues and organs of the lesions, let us benefit.

Urinary argon-helium refrigeration for its safe and effective cancer treatment, precise ablation, targeting invasive, real-time monitoring and other advantages more and more international recognition. Our department since 1999 and only took the lead in the province to carry out the technology, is the earliest cryoablation to treat prostate cancer urology room. Franco lugnani professor freezing technology development department expressed my deep appreciation and put forward many constructive suggestions, and I hope to work with families to have more exchanges and cooperation in terms of the comprehensive treatment of prostate cancer.

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