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This website is operated by Dott. Franco Lugnani (Franco Lugnani MD or us), with registered office in Via Fabio Severo, 3, 34100 Trieste and the operating offices Via Fabio Severo, 3, 34100 Trieste (TS), Italia

In these General Conditions the following terms have the following meaning: services means all those functions, devices, applications, information or other services available through this website (including any ISP services) (Internet Service Provider and / or access services to Internet). Conditions are understood as these terms or conditions. The words User and You refer to any person accessing the website with or without the Franco Lugnani MD permission or who uses it, ie regardless of being a registered user of this website or a subscriber or a registered user of a service offered or not through this website. This website or website is the website (homepage and internet pages contained therein) or other collection of information and / or applications managed by Franco Lugnani MD and made available by access through access equipment such as PCs, laptops, telephones mobile phones, handheld computers, digital cameras, television sets or other network devices for physically or wirelessly connected networks (including inter alia the internet and networks accessed via Wireless Application Protocol or similar technologies (WAP)), and in which these Conditions are published or which is explicitly referred to in connection with a request for approval of these Conditions, which must be approved by the User. All references to this website or website include referral to the corresponding WAP site. Further special conditions are defined below.



By accessing this website or its contents, by consulting them or by downloading them for download or by posting or uploading them to this site or other use of the same and its contents as a registered user or visitor unregistered, you undertake to comply with these Conditions without any modification (in this way a contract is stipulated between you and Franco Lugnani MD) as well as compliance with all legal provisions.

If you intend to access this website or any part of the same or any other service subject to payment of a subscription fee, Franco Lugnani MD may refuse or block you in case of late payment or non-payment of the corresponding fee. The responsibility for the allocation of hardware and software equipment and for the payment of the telephone fees and other network charges required for access to this website, its services and the use of the same falls on the User.

Access to this website or its services may be limited to a maximum number of accesses and / or to a specific duration established within a specific period of time. This website or some parts of it may contain content intended for adults only.
In order to access this content and to activate it, the User must be at least 18 years of age (and must ensure that he is of this age). If the User allows access to this website and its activation, the access control and the decision on which content and services are suitable or not for children is under your responsibility. Please note that through this website or certain parts of it, it is possible for children to disclose personal information about themselves.i.


These conditions are considered valid in addition to other conditions valid for the User as per contract or conditions of distribution, license or sale or on the basis of other agreements or applicable conditions. If this website or any part of it contains rules, directives, codes of conduct or other conditions or instructions for the User, the Users undertake to respect them. In case of conflicts or incompatibility, these Conditions are considered binding. If you do not approve one of the above conditions (or the remaining rules, regulations, etc.), you are not permitted to use this website.

These conditions may contain definitions that provide for functions or services not available through this website (and which are not expected to be).

As long as these definitions refer exclusively to these functions and services, they do not apply and do not affect the validity of the remaining definitions.


It is possible to require the User to register and transmit certain registration data if he intends to network, upload or download materials, if he wishes to communicate via this website and access services, resources and certain or all the contents of the website. website (as defined below). A condition of use for this website, for its services and for the contents of the website is that all the indications provided for registration are and will be complete, current and truthful.

You agree to immediately notify Franco Lugnani MD of any changes to the registration data. Notice must be sent to the email address or e-mail address of Franco Lugnani MD indicated for this purpose on this website or in these Terms.

If Franco Lugnani MD is of the opinion that the data is not correct, current or complete, or if Franco Lugnani MD is of the opinion, for any reason at its discretion, that such a measure is justified, then Franco Lugnani MD may refuse the User access to the website and / or any of its resources, service or content and revoke or terminate the existing customer account ("account").

If you log in to access this website or parts of it, you agree to log out at the end of your session and then leave your account if Franco Lugnani MD has made available such an exit option "log-off", "exit" (or similar).

Franco Lugnani MD reserves the right to disconnect ("log-off") users whose account, once logged in, has not submitted any movement for a long period of time. If the service to which the User has access through this website represents the same access to the internet (eg ISP services), Franco Lugnani MD reserves the right, after your connection, in the interest of maintaining the quality of the performance for all users:

  • to disconnect the connection if it is not active or to do so in any case after 15 minutes or at the end of another period of time defined by us at our discretion or
  • to limit the total number of users connected to a given service at a given time and / or to limit the period of connection time allowed to the User for each session.


The User is responsible for the secrecy of your password, the number of accounts and any other data as well as for all activities that take place under the User's account. Any unauthorized use of the User account or other security breaches must be reported immediately to Franco Lugnani MD. Your registration and subscription are linked to your person and you are not authorized to communicate to third parties or to make available to them the name of your account, your ID or your password.


Franco Lugnani MD and / or third-party providers may undertake at any time, with or without prior announcement, changes or improvements to the product, support, services, programs, prices and / or other contents of the website (including those present Conditions).

Franco Lugnani MD may inform about changes to these Conditions (or other content of the website) by posting on this website or other means of communication. Users who access this website after the changes have been published or otherwise communicated, are bound to these from the publication of the changes or new conditions on the website or otherwise communicated, even in the event that the User has not viewed the page on which the changes or new conditions have been published. It is therefore advisable to regularly check the website and these Conditions.


Access to this website and its use, including viewing, downloading, duplicating, showing, posting and publishing data, graphics, images, photographs, sketching descriptions, information and collections of texts, videos, audio , music and sound, utilities, software (including applets) and software collections, drivers and other ancillary programs (utilities) (as defined below), the content of each newsletter sent by e-mail or similar communications as transmitted by Franco Lugnani MD or in the name of Franco Lugnani MD and in relation to this website and / or the User's registration or subscription, as well as the remaining content on this website written and transmitted directly by Franco Lugnani MD, from affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD or their product, support or service providers (hereafter: website content), is prohibited unless explicitly permitted under these Terms.

Franco Lugnani MD grants the User a limited authorization for access to this website and its contents and their personal and non-commercial use as a support and communication resource for the sole purposes defined on this website web, provided you comply with the copyright and protective notes (where applicable) referring to the contents of the website.

Any other use of the website, including use for purposes other than those mentioned above, as well as changes, distribution, transmission and downloading of the website (with the exception of page-caching), republishing or reverse engineering, without the prior written consent of Franco Lugnani MD (unless such a prohibition is not excluded by applicable laws). The authorization to use the website inter alia does not include the authorization to resale, the commercial use or distribution of the contents of the website, the collection and use of any description and price of products, support and servicelisting, as well as the derivative use of this website or its content, the downloading or duplication of customer information for the benefit of other businesses, any use of data mining, robots or similar tools for the collection and extraction of data , any use of website content on another website, server or computerized environment connected to the network, or use of the website content that suggests a link to products, support or services of Franco Lugnani MD unless explicitly agreed in writing Between the parts.

The User is not permitted to use this website or its services that violates the meaning of these Terms or any applicable law or regulation or a use that causes or may cause damage, interruption or limitation of this website or its services. The User is prohibited from attempting to access without authorization any part of this website or to accounts of other users or networks or computer systems connected to this website and this in any form, hacking, password mining or otherwise. You are not permitted to collect or try to collect personal information about third parties via this website..


Franco Lugnani MD does not transmit any right over any content of the website downloaded and used by the User.

The content of the website, including its selection and arrangement, is owned by Franco Lugnani MD or the associated company of Franco Lugnani MD and / or their content and technology provider and is protected by various laws, including those on the right copyright.

Authorization limited to the use of the contents of the website (for the aforementioned purposes) is explicitly linked to the recognition, respect and protection by the User of any note referring to copyright, trademark or other right protection of the contents of the website, and in addition to the recognition of all the protective and other rights or of its affiliated companies and / or providers of contents and technologies on the intellectual property of the contents of the Franco Lugnani MD website.

The User does not acquire any right to property on e-mail addresses, URLs or other personal identifiers assigned to him or by him for the purpose of accessing the services available on this website. The limited rights of the User regarding the use of these addresses / identifiers remain valid only as long as your registration / account is valid for access to this website or to the respective services.

At the end of the validity period by Franco Lugnani MD, regardless of the reason, Franco Lugnani MD will be free at its discretion to use or to assign another such address / identifier to another user.

The unauthorized use or copying of the contents of the website or use of the website contents contrary to these provisions may result in the violation of copyrights, trademarks or other protective rights as well as civil law provisions or criminal. The User is prohibited from using any content on the website (or any content available through this website) in such a manner as to infringe copyrights, trademarks or other protective rights.

Franco Lugnani MD reserves all rights to such unauthorized use or injuries to these Terms.


Each trademark, logo, internet address, product or model name and their derivatives describing products, support or services of Franco Lugnani MD or affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD, and which is included in the website content is trademarked deposited and/or owned by Franco Lugnani MD or affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD.

Any list of registered trademarks Franco Lugnani MD (or others) published on this website is regularly updated but can not be considered a complete list of registered trademarks Franco Lugnani MD (or others).

The use of the Franco Lugnani MD marks or their modification is strictly prohibited (unless explicitly authorized in writing by Franco Lugnani MD).

Other product or company names used on this website may be trademarks of their respective owners.


In these Conditions, the term user content defines that information or other content transmitted or transmitted to the Franco Lugnani MD or inserted or uploaded for upload by a User through this website or connected means.

This content includes photographs, videos and other types of images, sound material, graphics, files of documents or data, information referring to individuals or otherwise, messages, e-mail or other communications, files, texts, opinions and other information.

By uploading user content on this website or transmitting or providing such content to other users, Franco Lugnani MD or affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD in accordance with and for the purpose of using the site, services or content of the site web or for other reasons, the User warrants (or ensures that the owner of this user content explicitly guarantees) Franco Lugnani MD, the affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD and the persons named by them an unlimited right in time, free, irrevocable and non-exclusive and such a license to use (including commercial use) for use, copying, sublicensing, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, public representation, exposure and the distribution of user content and for the creation of works derived from user content (or parts thereof) or their incorporation (or parts thereof) in any form, in any medium or with any technology, whether it is already known or developed in the future.

Furthermore, the User guarantees that he possesses the rights necessary for assigning such a license and that he has renounced the so-called "moral rights" (right to prohibit the misrepresentation of a work) on user content. User content is considered non-confidential in its entirety and Franco Lugnani MD is not under any obligation of confidentiality for any of the user content.

However, the section above does not apply to any personal information transmitted by you and relating to you.

These are only processed in the manner specified in the personal data section of the registration forms and data of this website or those linked to Franco Lugnani MD, and elsewhere in these Conditions and in other terms or conditions specifically applicable to transactions. possibly stipulated between User and affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD


Posting or Not Eligible Communications

Franco Lugnani MD prohibits the transmission, distribution, dissemination, uploading, posting, presentation, common use or saving via or through the use of this website ("upload") of user content deemed inadmissible or unpleasant by Franco Lugnani MD based on its sole discretion.

Among other things, contents of this type are considered contents of pornographic, blasphemous, sexist, homophobic, defamatory, deceptive, vulgar, obscene or offensive, as well as offenses and insults of an ethnic, racial or religious nature, exaltation of violent, motivated acts. from hatred and unlawful behavior, illustrations of child abuse, of children in lascivious poses and child pornography, publicity, market research and prize competitions and other materials that may give rise to civil or criminal consequences.
Franco Lugnani MD prohibits the uploading or use of website content or the transmission of user content whose primary or subordinate purpose or effect is the sale, distribution or promotion of firearms, weapons or drugs (Controlled Substances ), Make-Money-Fast systems (winning promises), pyramid or chain letters, fraudulent or criminal offers, registration of an e-mail address other than your own, actions of disturbance of auctions or markets (including listed stock markets) publicly), the threat or disturbance to other people, the disturbance of discussions or the creation of a false identity in order to deceive others, the transmission of sexual offerings by minors, on behalf of minors or to these direct, the the externalization of racist statements and comments, the imitation of another person or the glaring of a relationship with a person or a legal entity.

If not explicitly authorized by the hole used or the service used, the User will not advertise or offer for sale or purchase goods or services for any commercial purpose.

The Franco Lugnani MD reserves the right (without any assumption of obligation) to limit or cancel the User's access to the relative contents of the website and / or user content and / or to forward the relevant user content to the competent

Authorities if has occurred or is suspected an upload of user content that violates these Conditions (or other applicable standards or terms) or other conditions or regulatory laws, without which to do so requires the formal introduction or demonstration of a legal action or of an appeal..

Materials protected by copyright and other rights to protect intellectual property

Franco Lugnani MD prohibits the upload of content that contains music, software, images (still or moving), literary or artistic works protected by intellectual property rights (or which may harm the rights of third parties' intellectual property) unless the User is not the owner of the exclusive rights on these or controls them or has received all the necessary authorizations (which the User guarantees with the loading of such contents).
Franco Lugnani MD prohibits the uploading of materials that are actually or presumably protected by copyright, materials that have been banned from use or falsified materials.

Personal information

Franco Lugnani MD prohibits the uploading of user content of any kind in which personal or confidential (private) information is disclosed to a natural person or a legal entity, including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or real numbers, account numbers users, passwords and financial information except for those personal information transmitted by the User for the purpose of registration or for the opening of an account or (possibly) of that personal information on other physical persons known to the User for the purpose of registering them in the online address book of said User.

In the event that personal information or images referring to a physical person are uploaded by a User for their registration in the directory or online photo album (or for other purposes) of said User, the User assures that such person (the subject of the data) has given its approval to this transmission as well as to the processing of the related data and to any other use of such user content provided for by these Conditions.

Spamming and loading of destructive materials

Any form of e-mail called spam or junk e-mail is prohibited, including the upload or transmission of unsolicited multiple submissions to different discussion groups, mailinglists, and any activities that facilitate so-called "spamming" on this website or by means of it. The User agrees to pay to the Franco Lugnani MD an amount equal to 5 Euros for each spam message sent by your User account in violation of these Conditions.

Franco Lugnani MD prohibits the loading of computer programs, files and other materials containing destructive or disturbing features such as viruses, manipulated files, "hidden" files (such as images in which audio files are embedded), worms, trojan horses o bots for scrolling or for launching multiple screens and for other activities that can generally disturb the integrity or functionality or online communication of the website..


Franco Lugnani MD offers users with this website only a meeting point with which it is possible to access certain and specified services, utilities and / or information.
The Franco Lugnani MD can not and does not intend to ensure on its part the surveillance, control, intervention, censorship or filtering in another form of user content or user behavior of user content.

However,Franco Lugnani MD can, without being obliged, submit to manual or automatic control any type of content User so far uploaded to this website or in the future, and in addition,Franco Lugnani MD can still monitor and control any sector of this website where users transmit or place their communications or in which they communicate with each other or (possibly) withFranco Lugnani MD, including chat rooms, news groups, bulletin boards, community pages, photo albums, personal internet pages or the remaining sectors or forums.

Franco Lugnani MD may reject, refuse to enter the internet, not use, remove, modify, block with an access prohibition and / or delete all user content that you deem to be inadequate or unpleasant, or that in any other they are in contravention of the provisions of these Terms, however, to which the Franco Lugnani MD is not obligated.

To do this, the formal effort or the demonstration of a complaint or legal action against the user content in question is not necessary.

Franco Lugnani MD is authorized, but not obligated, to collaborate with all executive Authorities or to respond to requests or requests from courts or other Authorities with which you request Franco Lugnani MD to disclose the identity of those people who publish their user content on the network..


Materials, information and opinions (which may also include user content) contained in or on forums and / or expressed therein (or via other means of accessing user content) do not necessarily represent those from Franco Lugnani MD, of affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD or related legal entities (or those authorized).
All user content should be considered only as an expression of an opinion and not as a statement of fact..

All user content and / or services you have received or used, or transmitted by you using the website, including the use of any forum, are subject to your sole discretion and are only subject to exclusions and limitations of liability of these Conditions.
The safety of this website and of user content can not be guaranteed.

It must be clear to you that disclosing personal or other information via online procedures, e.g. by means of message boards, chat rooms and more, this information can be collected and used by people unknown to you.
Franco Lugnani MD undertakes everything in its power to ensure the protection of your personal information and privacy, but Franco Lugnani MD can not guarantee the security of any information you send online.
You disclose this information at your own risk.
Except for personal information submitted by a User for the purpose of registering or updating their accounts (and for which Franco Lugnani MD will use commercially reasonable measures),Franco Lugnani MD is not responsible user content (and among others the Franco Lugnani MD excludes any liability in relation to them) transmitted to a sector of the website marked (or identifiable) as a protected, private or restricted access area accessible to other people outside the user who transmitted the user content.
Similarly,Franco Lugnani MD is not responsible for the unavailability of user content (and Franco Lugnani MD excludes any liability in relation to this) transmitted for a sector defined as Public Area of ​​the website or for other forums they have access to users other than the one who transmitted the user content.

Franco Lugnani MD is not obliged to take part in disputes between you and other users or in cases where you are a party to, or related to, this website or otherwise related to this website.

As part of the legal definitions of copyright, defamation, privacy protection or otherwise,Franco Lugnani MD excludes any liability in connection with any user content, including responsibility for any errors, viruses, defamation, written offense , obscenity or inaccuracy that may be contained in user content or in connection with any illegal user content or any other user content.

Franco Lugnani MD disclaims any liability for any unauthorized use of user content (by other users) and Franco Lugnani MD disclaims any liability for injuring user content against copyrights, trademarks or other protective rights intellectual property of another User or another person

The User is solely responsible for damages (including those to the contents of the website) derived from the use or transmission of user content or the website (including among other things disputes and cases as described in the previous section) and from transactions and events related to this.

Franco Lugnani MD is not responsible for any unauthorized access to the User's account or for automatic forwarding of communications and / or viruses (caused by viruses or otherwise) to persons whose data have been transmitted by a User to be inserted in your online directory available on this website.

The limitations and exclusions of liability of these Conditions apply regardless of whether the liability is claimed under contract law, civil law (including negligence and defamation), liability independent of damage, wounding of guarantees or other legal basis.


When Franco Lugnani MD provides email devices, web hosting or other services that require storage,Franco Lugnani MD reserves the right to dispose or change any restrictions (temporary or temporary). other type) of the memory space, limiting the capacity of the memory space, the date / age of the files (eg e-mails older than 180 days), the number and / or size of the files or using other criteria that the Franco Lugnani MD is authorized to define.
Without limiting the general nature of the previous paragraph, it is considered valid: any material that exceeds one of these limits may be deleted or its storage not accepted. The User is prohibited from reselling the memory space offered on this website.

Franco Lugnani MD is not responsible for any loss, deletion, deletion or non-delivery to the intended recipient of user content, uploaded for upload on this website, regardless of whether this occurred due to computer viruses, access by unauthorized or otherwise. Users are urged to keep a backup copy of all user content, and users also agree to do so for all user uploaded content.
Franco Lugnani MD reserves the right to refuse access to this website at any time without prior notice and to delete user content.


All content and services on the website are made available "as is" and "as available", the Franco Lugnani MD also excludes - in the widest possible extension of the applicable laws - any guarantee and insurance of any kind ("guarantees" ") of an explicit type or intended as implicitly agreed upon the contents and services of the website, including conclusive guarantees of marketability, satisfactory quality, aptitude for a specific purpose and not the infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Among other things it is considered valid:

Franco Lugnani MD does not give any assurance about the adequacy and accessibility of the website, or about its availability at any location or on its being free of viruses. Who accesses this website and uses the services or contents of the website is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including all applicable national or local laws..

Franco Lugnani MD took care to check the accuracy, reliability and topicality of all website content, including data on (any) products, services, support and other as well as descriptions received from third parties, however the Franco Lugnani MD does not guarantee the correctness of any statement contained on this website. Any material, product, support, service or information contained on this website or referred to may not be current. Franco Lugnani MD does not undertake to update the contents of the website. Franco Lugnani MD excludes any warranty or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of the website (to the extent that such exclusion does not conflict with any warranties and other terms and conditions with respect to the sale of products or services of Franco Lugnani MD ). Any decision that takes place on the basis of information included in the contents of the website (or in the user content), takes place under the sole responsibility of the User.

Franco Lugnani MD does not ensure that the services and functions of this website or other interactions via this website are available without interruption, in a secure and error-free manner, or that all errors are eliminated or that this website or the server hosting it is free of viruses or harmful components (Components).
Franco Lugnani MD and affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD assume no warranty or liability for damages of any kind or viruses that may damage or infect your computer or other assets due to your access or use of this website, including, among other things, downloading images, software or other content on the website.
If the contents of the website make repair, servicing or correction of the equipment or data necessary, these costs will be the responsibility of the User.

The information contained in the contents of the website (and in the user content) does not represent legal, professional, financial or medical advice and should not be trusted.
We must not rely on the contents of the website including so-called "Forward Looking Statements" or declarations of intent. Franco Lugnani MD reserves the right not to take any action based on these statements.

The website may contain references to certain services and products of Franco Lugnani MD not available or not available in the same form in a given country. These references should not be construed as an assurance or implied warranty that these products or services will be made available at any time in a particular country.

If the applicable regulatory law prohibits the exclusion of the Franco Lugnani MD guarantee above, the Franco Lugnani MD excludes, disclaims and limits the warranty only in the maximum extent permitted by applicable lawstensione massima permessa dalla legge applicabile.


If you are able to use this website (or sites linked to it via a link) for a User, make a transaction with third parties (including other users or other service providers or resellers) that are not Franco Lugnani MD or affiliated companies at Franco Lugnani MD, then these transactions must be considered as transactions concluded between you and these third parties (with all the rights and duties deriving from them).


Any driver, software, program (including, among other things, updates of any kind - upgrade or update), peripherals and other applications, computer services or utilities as well as any files and images contained or originating from software, programs and other downloadable materials o available in remote applications or services from the contents of the website ("utilities"), are made available as support and service to the User. There is no transfer to the User of any rights whatsoever on these utilities (regardless of whether they are downloaded or not), and Franco Lugnani MD, affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD or the licensors in question are the owners of these. rights (and all the protective rights of the intellectual property of the same).

L'The use of utilities by the User is also defined by the terms of the associated online or offline documents, licenses for end users or other terms and regulatory conditions defined by the supplier or the licensee in question ("EULA") (i what terms or conditions take over those present on their behalf in the event of incompatibility with them). If a utility is not accompanied by an EULA, it is assigned to you as a Single User and on a non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable basis by Franco Lugnani MD.
Utilities can only be used as defined in the relevant EULAs. Unless otherwise defined in the relevant EULA or permitted by law applicable to the User, it is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, lease or lease, analyze in reverse engineering, decompile or sell utilities. Unauthorized use of utilities violates copyright and other intellectual property rights, and Franco Lugnani MD or any license of the license in question reserves all rights.

Franco Lugnani MD does not give assurances regarding the correctness or reliability of results or outputs resulting from the use of utilities. Franco Lugnani MD assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of data caused by the installation of downloaded utilities, nor assumes any other responsibility or guarantees with respect to utilities. Franco Lugnani MD recommends that users always prepare a copy of the data on the hardware (on which or with which to use or install utilities) before installation or use of utilities (and the users implicitly assume that they will always provide to do it).

Franco Lugnani MD and associated companies at Franco Lugnani MD offer no support or support in the use, installation or care of any utility (unless otherwise expressly stated in the EULA of a utility in question) or in solving problems or issues arising from the use or installation of utilities.

You acknowledge that utilities and accompanying documentation and / or technical information may be subject to certain export control laws or regulations. You confirm that you will not undertake any export or new direct or indirect export of utilities that could represent a wounding of these laws or provisions.

If Franco Lugnani MD confirms (in writing) to provide technical support for a product, it will only be for Franco Lugnani MD products with the same operating system and software in the same form and version as from the factory of %ORGANIZATION_NAME % or a subsidiary of Franco Lugnani MD; Franco Lugnani MD can refuse technical support for Franco Lugnani MD products that have been uploaded or inserted at a later time.

Applicable EULAs may contain additional warranty and liability exclusions with respect to utilities.

Downloading a utility constitutes an approval of these Terms. If you do not intend to approve these Conditions, you are not allowed to download any utility or accompanying documentation.


Franco Lugnani MD, affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD and the remaining people involved in the development, production, hosting or provision of website content are not responsible for direct, indirect, concrete, temporary, consequential or consequential damages. include compensation, including inter alia those for loss of data, lost profit, business interruption or resulting loss of time or for damages of any kind (including damages caused by negligence or other infringement) caused by the use of the contents of the website or the inability to use it, even if Franco Lugnani MD or its agent has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Regulatory law may not allow the disclaimers contained in this paragraph in all cases. The exclusions of responsibility of this paragraph find (then) application in the maximum extent permitted by law.

The liability of Franco Lugnani MD for damages or loss (according to contract law, provisions relating to negligence, civil law or other) can in no case be higher than the amount paid by the User for access to the website (unless otherwise required by applicable regulatory law). No definition of these Terms may be construed as a disclaimer of Franco Lugnani MD or affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD in the event of death or damage to persons caused by the negligence of Franco Lugnani MD or affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD


By transmitting information via this website or as part of a telephone registration process concerning:

You agree to the processing of data relating to your person such as your name and title, your address, telephone number, contact details and other personal data ("personal data") in accordance with the terms you have communicated in the registration / data entry forms under the heading "Personal Data" (or similar) or during a telephone registration procedure for this website.

You acknowledge as necessary the processing of your personal data for the personalization of your access to this website or for the granting of access to this or parts of it by registered users or paid subscribers and gives your consent to this processing.

Under certain circumstances,Franco Lugnani MD may ask you for additional personal data such as photocopies of identity documents or credit cards to check your identity or to prevent fraud. In the event that personal data of this type are transmitted to the Franco Lugnani MD in connection with this website, these must also be considered "personal data".
Franco Lugnani MD is authorized to transmit or make available to other departments or divisions of Franco Lugnani MD and affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD in Europe and (subject to the strict compliance of Franco Lugnani MD of applicable laws on the protection of data) overseas. Without your consent, Franco Lugnani MD does not disclose any personal information to legal entities and persons other than affiliated companies to Franco Lugnani MD (Third Parties), except in the cases indicated below.

It is possible to disclose personal data to third parties, to (1) allow the execution of contracts of which you are a part, or this may be done for other purposes indicated in these Conditions or for purposes communicated in the registration / data entry forms below header "Personal Data" (or similar) or during a telephone registration process for this website, or for (2) comply with legal obligations to which the Franco Lugnani MD or an affiliated company of Franco Lugnani MD is subject.

You may disclose personal information to Third Parties to allow them to perform services for Franco Lugnani MD or for companies affiliated to Franco Lugnani MD, on their behalf or on their instruction. In these cases the Franco Lugnani MD guarantees with the necessary measures that the Third parties follow the directives of Franco Lugnani MD on the protection of personal data and that who receives this data (1) will use this data for the only purposes permitted, (2) collect and will process personal data only on the condition that it is protected from unauthorized use and will also adopt and comply with similar stringent measures and terms regarding the protection and use of personal data and (3) that will strictly comply with applicable legal provisions.

Regarding personal data transmitted in connection with payment transactions linked to this website (such as payment of subscription fees), Franco Lugnani MD is authorized to transmit personal data to third parties, in this case institutions for the evaluation of credit / fraud risk, or non-active third parties in crime prevention, to monitor the lack of credit card reservations presented by you or other methods of payment, or in the fight against crime, or to transmit personal data to credit card issuers or other institutions active in payment transactions. It is possible that these personal data transmitted to these Third parties are forwarded for their processing in the USA or in other economic areas outside the European Union. Some of these institutions inform you that the personal data transmitted may also be used for the preparation of credit estimates, risk or probabilities of fraud for Franco Lugnani MD and other third parties with whom you could enter into a business relationship.

Franco Lugnani MD is authorized to use, process and disclose without limitation any anonymous or generic data (including statistics) through which it is not possible to identify it.
You are entitled to request the Franco Lugnani MD to communicate to third parties, to whom personal data have been communicated, to make corrections to personal data or to delete them.

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