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The Italian legislation with DL. n. 196/2003 and the provision n. 229/2014 provide that the visitor of any website, should be able to choose whether your web browser will download cookies from the site.
In compliance with this regulation, this site allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Accept: By pressing the accept button all cookies will be activated. In this case the user can change the activation of every single cookie on the site. This option is the recommended one because it allows the best use of the contents.
  • Refuse: Pressing the button will inhibit profiling cookies and third-party cookies and maintaining technical cookies and limited navigability of the site..
  • Remove all cookies: Pressing the button will delete all cookies, so the page will be disabled.

IMPORTANT: In order to remove  any third-party cookies it will be necessary to provide for manual removal from your computer as specified in the browser section.

In addition to the above, you can still set your browser to automatically refuse the receipt of cookies by activating the appropriate option.
Failure to use technical cookies may result in difficulties in interacting with this site.
We also inform you pursuant to art. 7 of the DL. n. 196/2003, you are entitled to certain rights, including which to oppose the treatment, you can change your choice at any time by accessing this page by changing the option set.

Cookies, third-party services and site viewing.

Finally, remember that the non-acceptance of third-party cookies may not allow you to use all the features of the site. For example, the non-acceptance of all third-party services will prevent us from giving you the correct experience in viewing the pages by blocking YouTube videos, references to Facebook etc, as well as having explicitly refused them.

This site to be the most adherent to the provision allows you to disable and activate each third-party service by inhibiting the content that potentially send cookies to your browser and displaying (where possible) placeholders. (for example, deactivating youtube videos of this service will no longer be accessible).wser e visualizzando (ove possibile) dei segnaposto. (ad esempio disattivando youtube i video di tale servizio non saranno più accessibili).

Use of cookies on the site.

Dott. Franco Lugnani, as data controller, informs the user that information regarding the use of the site is collected through cookies. When a user visits the site, we send to his device cookies that are stored uniquely by his browser. Cookies are small text strings that the sites visited by the user send to his device, where they are stored and then transmitted to the same sites on the occasion of the next visit by the same user. Furthermore, during the navigation on the site, the user can also receive cookies on his terminal that are sent from different websites or web servers (so-called Third Parties). The user is informed that the site also sends third-party cookies. This site uses technical cookies, and Third Party cookies, as described below.

Third party cookies.

Third Party cookies can be installed either directly by subjects with whom we have concluded agreements, or by third parties with whom we have only indirect relationships through intermediaries.

In the section "Cookies / third-party services on the site" is shown:

  • the list of active third-party services with relative links to the policies for each service.
  • the sites of the subjects that act as intermediaries between us and the Third Parties that install cookies on our site with which we only have indirect contacts and with related links to the policies for each service.

The data collected through cookies will be used by the owner, his employees responsible for the maintenance and management of the site and more generally by all employees including third parties (service providers, infrastructure, IT and similar) who are involved in the management and supervision of the same and duly appointed controllers.
The list of managers is available, upon request, by sending an email to the address web@lugnani.com or by sending a request to our office in Via Fabio Severo, 3, 34100 Trieste (TS), Italia. As is known, the user is entitled to all the rights provided for in Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and therefore by way of example, will be able to access his data, request correction, integration and, if necessary, cancellation or blocking .

We inform the user that most of the individual browsers offer the possibility to express their preferences regarding the use of cookies by the sites.

Third party services present on the site

Following the list of cookies and third-party services on the site, if the management has been accepted, the entries in the following list can be activated and deactivated, by pressing either the title of the service (eg Facebook) or the icon that defines the state. Otherwise they will be disabled or made anonymous as specified by the current standard.

Cookies / 3rd parts services:

- Facebook:

Facebook social page's plugin.
Further information on the processing of cookies are available to Facebook's cookies page


- Google Classic Analytics:

Google Analitics, strumento di analisi pagine di Google inc.
Ulteriori informazioni sul trattamento dei cookies di Google Analytics sono reperibili alla pagina privacy

cookies: _ga, _gat

- Google Universal Analytics:

Google Analitics, strumento di analisi pagine di Google inc.
Ulteriori informazioni sul trattamento dei cookies di Google Analytics sono reperibili alla pagina privacy

cookies: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, _utmv, _utmx

- Google Maps:

Google Maps, visualizzazione mappe di Google inc.
Ulteriori informazioni sul trattamento dei cookies di Google Analytics sono reperibili alla pagina privacy


- Google reCAPTCHA:

Google reCAPTCHA, strumento per l'invio di CAPTCHA di Google inc.
Ulteriori informazioni sul trattamento dei cookies di Google Analytics sono reperibili alla pagina privacy


- Youtube Video:

Youtube embedded into pages.
Further information on the processing of cookies are available to Facebook's cookies page



Untill Privacy banner will be accept all plugings are deactivated, plugins that can be anonymized will be done.
Content display: 3rd part contents will be show, all functions of remote site will be work as normal.
Content anonymized: 3rd parts contents will be displayed but remote server dont log anything of personal information about you or your location.
Content blocked: 3rd part contents will not be show.
Cookies marked mean that be send form this site.


Below are the procedures for changing the settings on cookies and links to relevant pages of the main browsers on the market.

  1. Google Chrome - Select the Chrome menu icon> Select Settings> At the bottom of the page, select Show advanced settings> In the "Privacy" section, select Content settings> Select Allow data to be saved locally> Select End. For more information see https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=it.
  2. Safari - To set Safari's blocking of cookies in iOS 8, tap Settings> Safari> Block cookies and choose "Always allow", "Allow only from websites I visit", "Allow only from current website" or " Always lock ". In iOS 7 or older, choose "Never", "Third party and advertisers" or "Always". For more information see https://support.apple.com/it-it/HT201265.
  3. Firefox - Click on the menu button and select options> Select the Privacy panel> Under History settings: select use custom settings> To enable cookies, select Accept cookies from sites; to turn them off, remove the mark from the item. See https://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Attivare%20e%20disattivare%20i%20cookie.
  4. Explorer - Click the Tools button and then click Internet Options> Click the Privacy tab and in Settings move the slider up to block all cookies or down to allow them all and then click OK. See http://windows.microsoft.com/it-it/windows7/block-enable-or-allow-cookies.
  5. Opera - Preferences> Advanced> Cookies: These settings allow you to configure cookie management in Opera. The default is to accept all cookies. Select a setting from the following. The setting Accept cookies: All cookies are accepted; The setting Accept cookies only from the site you visit: The third-party cookies, sent from a domain other than the one you are visiting, are rejected; The setting Never accept cookies: All cookies are rejected. See http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.00/it/cookies.html

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Reading elements on cookies:

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data that often contains a unique identification code. Cookies can be sent to the browser when you visit one of our websites and are stored in the web browser of your device.

Some cookies are only stored for the duration of the visit to the website. These cookies are known as session cookies. Others, known as persistent cookies, can be stored on your computer even at the end of the visit and viewed from our websites at each subsequent visit.

Some cookies that are stored when you visit our website can be stored and viewed by other companies. For example:

When a "Like" or similar button of a social network is displayed on one of our websites, this social network can store and access its own cookies to ensure the functionality of the button and for other purposes (for more information, consult the legislation on privacy and cookies of the social network in question)

When we use advertising partners, that partner can store and access their own cookies to allow us and the partner to view advertisements on the Franco Lugnani MD products and services you have visited on our websites.

How are cookies used by our websites and by e-mail communications?

Essential cookies

We can use essential cookies to allow you to receive the services you have requested on our website. In the absence of these cookies, we may not be able to provide the services you request.

For example, we can use these cookies on our websites for:

Manage and remember the items you put in your cart when you use our online stores

Allow access to the protected areas of the website without having to log in again to the service

Remember the actions you have previously taken (such as completing an online form) when you return to a page during the same session

Performance cookies

We can use cookies for services that collect information on how to use our website, advertising and e-mail communications by reporting to us when an error occurs. These cookies can be used to collect rather detailed technical information such as the last visited website, the number of pages visited, check whether the e-mail communications have been opened or not, on which parts of our website or e-mail communications is clicked and the time interval between one click and the next. While this information may be associated with details such as IP address and domain or browser information, they are only analyzed in aggregate form with information from other users in order not to allow direct identification of the individual user.

For example, we can use these cookies on our website for:

Analyze and improve the performance of our websites, advertising and e-mail communications

Manage the performance and design of our websites

Calculate the number of responses to our advertisements to improve their effectiveness

Measure errors on our websites to improve service and complaint management.

Reference cookies.

We can access the reference cookies sent to your device from the websites of our business partners. These cookies are used to identify when one of our business partners directs a user to our websites and if that user's visit ends with the purchase of a product or service. This information may be communicated to our business partners, but only anonymously so as not to allow identification of the user.

We use this information to meet our contractual obligations with business partners and assist them in improving the effectiveness of their websites.amo queste informazioni per soddisfare i nostri obblighi contrattuali con i partner commerciali e assisterli nel migliorare l'efficacia dei loro siti Web.

Functional cookies

We can use functional cookies that are not essential, but activate many useful functions on our websites.

For example, we can use these cookies on our website for:

Remember the preferences you have selected on a previous website, such as country / language, interests and website presentation (for example, layout, font size, colors, etc.) to avoid communicating them again

Remember the answers to the questions proposed by our websites (for example: if you have communicated that you do not want to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, you will not be asked for a subsequent visit)

Determine if a service has already been offered to you (eg: offer a live online service)

Provide information to allow the operation of an optional service (eg: watching an online video or commenting on a blog)

Provide local weather reports or traffic information based on the geographic area in which you are located (if you agree to share this information)

Cookies for advertising and targeting

Cookies for advertising and targeting can be used on our websites to display advertisements and contact you with marketing communications more relevant to your interests. These cookies can collect fairly detailed information on browsing habits on our websites (eg: products and services you have clicked on). They can also be used to recognize you when you return to visit one of our websites and / or a website that is part of a network of one of our advertising partners.

For example, we can use these cookies on our websites for:

Collect information about the Franco Lugnani MD products and services you have viewed or added to your cart on our websites for the following purposes:

Sending content, advice, and advertising that's most relevant to your profile by %ORGANIZATION_NAME %company companies on their websites

More effective personalization and targeting of e-mails and direct marketing communications from group companies Franco Lugnani MD

Allow our advertising partners to display advertisements on their websites and / or on websites in their advertising network related to the most relevant Franco Lugnani MD products and services for you

Limit the number of times you see an ad and measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign

These cookies can be stored and viewed by the companies in the Franco Lugnani MD group and / or by our advertising partners.


Third party cookies

Your use of our website may result in the storage of cookies that are not controlled by Dott. Franco Lugnani. This can happen when the website you are visiting makes use of analytics or management / marketing automation tools (such as those offered by Google and Oracle) or includes content viewed from a third party website, such as YouTube or Facebook. Following this, you will receive cookies from these third-party services. Dott. Franco Lugnani may not control storage or access to these cookies. For information on how these services use cookies, you must consult the privacy and cookies regulations of third parties.ookie. Per informazioni su come questi servizi utilizzano i cookie, devi consultare la normativa sulla privacy e sui cookie delle terze parti.

Web beacon

Web beacons, also known as "single pixels", "clear gif technology" or "action tags", can be used on our websites and in communications. This technology tells us which visitors have clicked on key elements (such as links or graphics) on a web page or e-mail. When you request us to send you promotional information or a newsletter, we can use web beacons to track which e-mails you have actually opened. We use this information to optimize content, services and communications.

Web beacons usually work with cookies and can be deactivated by deactivating cookies (as explained in the previous section). Certain software for e-mail and web browsers can also be configured to stop the automatic downloading of images. This also prevents the web beacon from working until you decide to download the images.